42 Brands Dedicated to Helping in the Age of the Coronavirus

A few weeks back, I began to wonder how the fashion industry would respond to the mass upheaval happening in the world. I got my first response when Christian Siriano announced he’d be personally making masks to address the shortage in New York City. Since then, we’ve shifted our own editorial strategy, and fashion-industry leaders have taken up arms to address the toll COVID-19 has taken on employment, the healthcare system, and life itself. As the world changes before our eyes, we as consumers have the power to re-envision what our world will look like and what brands to support and rally behind.

Who wouldn’t want to support the brands that are creating coalitions, maintaining employment, investing in small businesses, and even opening their factories to produce essential medical supplies like face masks? Why wouldn’t we want to consume more consciously and support all those in need during this time? So ahead, we’re shedding light on the fashion brands and retailers that have donated during the crisis (totaling upward of $70 million and 700,000 masks) so that if you do choose to shop during this time, you know what your money is going toward.