4 Y2K Fashion Trends We’re Seeing Everywhere in 2020

Listen, I’m not here to lie to you. Yes, my AIM screen name in 6th grade was something like abercrombiechica3, while my friends had different versions like abercrombiegirlie and abercrombiecutie. No, I’m not proud of it—but it is kind of hilarious now. Also, I probably need to clarify the headline. I know I put the words “I used to buy” in this headline, but let’s be real: I didn’t have any income in 2003, so it’s really my mom who bought them.

Now that we’ve got all of my disclaimers out of the way, let me get to the point. When I was writing a story last week, I realized I still associate denim mini skirts with Abercrombie, even all these years later. And then I thought of all the things I used to wear from the cult retailer in the early 2000s that would actually still look cool today—with some modern updates, of course. Scroll down to revisit the best Y2K trends that are back in 2020.