4 Women Who Overhauled Their Style for the Better

“I was born in Morocco, but I moved to Montréal almost 10 years ago. I always struggled with my style. I felt like I never knew what looked good on me and what didn’t. I still do sometimes, and I think everybody feels this way at one point (I hope). But for a long time, I didn’t mind. I went for cute clothes or outfits without paying much attention to how practical or comfortable the clothing was/is.

“I experimented a little, dying half of my hair turquoise and starting wearing different kinds of clothes, mostly bobo/grunge/rock. Then, during my first year as a master’s student, I cut my hair short and went to spend a month and a half in Paris during the summer. At that point, I still didn’t care about the way I dressed that much. I mostly spend my summer visiting museums and going to summer school. At the end of summer, I came back to Montréal to finish my master’s and cut my hair even shorter (thank you, Paris).

“And then, I turned 25. I graduated. It was winter. I couldn’t find a steady job, and mainly worked as a research assistant and tutor. I had no big plans, but I felt like I needed change. At the same time, I started thinking about my reflection in the mirror. I looked like a teenager. Have you ever watched the movie Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore? Well, I was Josieat least, it felt like it. The problem was, with no money, traveling and buying new clothes were out of my budget. But I didn’t care. I went to thrift shops, and I started buying clothes from people on Facebook—eco-friendly style.”