4 Under-$50 White Dresses That Are All Over Instagram

It’s mid-July, which means that white-dress season is in full swing. No, I’m not here to act like they’re hard to come by, because take one look at any of your favorite shopping sites and you can probably find dozens—if not more. However, whether online shopping stresses you out (I know it does for many of my friends) or you’re just a fan of efficiency, I can understand if the whole endless scrolling thing isn’t for you. Plus, there are budgets to consider. Of course, there always affordable options available, but they aren’t necessarily the easiest to find or come by.

That’s where I come in. Today I’ve not only brought you four pretty white dresses that are worthy of anyone’s cart and closet, but they also happen to all be under $50. Thank me (and our Who What Wear collection) later, and to see who’s wearing them, how they’re wearing them, and shop each one, just keep scrolling.