4 Things I Learned From My Fashion-Editor Boss

Before she left Who What Wear earlier this month, I sat kitty-corner from managing editor Michelle Scanga for roughly 379 days. (Erm, that’s one year and seven months, minus weekends, in case you were curious.) I can honestly say, without an ounce of fangirl shame, I had a crush on her outfit every single one of those 379 days. Now, as you may or may not know, up until this last January, I was a beauty editor for Byrdie, and aside from our close-in-proximity office seating chart, I didn’t work with Michelle on Who What Wear directly. However, after I became WWW’s new associate beauty editor, Michelle became my new, impeccably well-dressed boss. I was excited to work with and learn from her on a daily basis, of course, but I was also secretly psyched to glean just about every fashion, brand, and styling tip she kept up her very chic sleeves.

It’s no secret I love clothes, and my slightly scary bank statement is living proof of that fact. That said, a wardrobe and true fashion wiz, I am not. While I can outfit a person’s face and head all day every day in pretty much any kind of skin, makeup, or hair product (beauty editor, duh), technically, I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing each morning when facing my still well-stocked closet. As a beauty editor, I thought it would make for a fun little experiment to ask my new fashion-editor boss to dress me for a day. What would she choose? What would I learn? And how would I keep her sage advice alive thereafter when shopping for clothes? I’m covering all that and more up ahead. Curious what went down? Keep scrolling to find out what happened when my fashion-editor boss dressed me for a day—photographic footage and ample shopping inspiration obviously included.