4 Spring Nails Trends That Are In (and 2 That Are Out)

Nails are a uniquely exciting beauty accessory, because unlike a lipstick or hair color, which people notice right away, our hands are not necessarily the *first* thing someone sees in us. For that reason, our nails get to be like a fun little insight into our personality for those paying close enough attention. When you factor in the thousands of polish shades that exist on the market, plus the limitless array of possible nail art designs, there are infinite ways to play with nails.

That’s why “nail trends” is kind of a fluid concept. This is especially true in the age of social media and personal brands when zillions of different niche styles are coming and going all the time. When it comes to nails, personal taste ends up being more important than wide sweeping trends. “I don’t think anything ever really goes out,” comments Steph Stone, a celebrity nail artist who’s worked with everyone from Miley Cyrus to Amandla Stenberg. “Nails are used as such a complementary accessory that if a color isn’t necessarily on-trend but works with your look as a whole, that’s what matters most!”

That being said, celebrity manicurists are noticing some patterns this season—shades and nail art designs they’re seeing rise up in the market and on social media more than others. “This spring, we’re seeing trends to match every personality type,” says Stone. To get a sense of some of those nail shades and styles that are going to hit it big this spring (and maybe a couple that are on the out), we talked to Stone, as well as celebrity manicurists Mazz Hanna and Tracylee Percival, to get their expert take. Keep scrolling for your ultimate guide to spring 2019 nails.