4 Outfit Tips I’ve Learned From Anna Wintour

If you read my Who What Wear stories or follow me on social media, you might have picked up on some themes. I’m constantly writing about people, places, and things I’m personally passionate about, which is why you see a lot of stories related to tennis and British royals as well as Scandinavian and Latin American fashion content. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Anna Wintour is another one of my favorite topics to write about. So much so that I’ve written no less than 21 stories about her in the last 12 months. Yes, I counted.

I’ve covered topics ranging from Wintour’s thoughts on job interview outfits to her favorite wardrobe basics, and you can bet her advice and style sensibilities have rubbed off on me. (I even realized that one of my Copenhagen Fashion Week outfits was a bit Wintour-esque, if I do say so myself.) Naturally, I wanted to pass along what I’ve learned to our readers, so scroll down for the outfit tips I’ve gleaned from covering every facet of Wintour’s style.