4 Outdated Jean Styles Everyone Is Skipping in 2019

Yes, everyone, just as 2019 has arrived, so have plenty of brand-new denim styles to add to your closet, which means it’s time to shelve some of your outdated jean styles. Looking to the fashion set on Instagram, we’re already seeing a shift in the denim pieces they’re posting on their feeds and, notably, the ones they’re not.

Dated jean styles like cropped flares and denim with extreme rips have been fading away from the fashion space in recent months, and in their place, we expect a new set of fresh jean styles. Wondering which ones are worth investing in now and which ones deserve to be thrown into your Marie Kondo–approved resale pile to tidy up your life? Ahead, see the four jean styles insiders are skipping in 2019 and the ones that will be popular in the next few months.