4 Outdated Fall Trends—and 5 That Are Still a Thing

Let’s time travel back to fall 2019 for a moment, shall we? This time last year, we had Katie Holmes nearly breaking the internet with her matching cardigan and bra look, everyone lusting after the latest Bottega Veneta It bag, and droves of people styling themselves head-to-toe beige ensembles. While some of those things are surprisingly just as relevant today (hello, Bottega!), the state of fashion today (and let’s face it, the state of the world) looks quite different now than it did 365 days ago.

The good news is that there are actually plenty of reasons to keep wearing last fall’s wardrobe. The F/W 2020 runways iterated on a number of trends from the past few seasons like leather outerwear and lingerie-inspired dressing, which is why we’re conducting a quick status update to inform you of what’s just as relevant now. And, of course, as the headline suggests, we’re also pointing out last year’s trends that have basically disappeared. Sorry, in advance if you love the things we’re calling outdated here—we’re just reporting on the runways, so please, continue to do you.

With that, here’s our lineup of what’s here to stay and what’s been given the proverbial boot.