4 Micro-Trends I’m Certain are About to Blow Up

You’re probably aware to some degree of the major trends at play for spring and summer 2019. (Just as a refresher, here’s our big, beautiful trend report.) But I’m not here to talk about anything mainstream… yet. Instead, I’m interested in what I’ll call micro-trends. These are the hyper-specific iterations of all the bigger sartorial shifts at play, and I’ve become somewhat of an expert at spotting them (okay, it’s basically a pastime of mine at this point).

These are trends or sometimes even specific items that a handful of influencers and fashion girls have all started wearing simultaneously. Take the beige-toned outfit trend, for example. While dressing in head-to-toe neutrals is a styling trick currently flooding my Instagram feed, beige and creme-colored jeans, in particular, is the “trend within a trend” that’s earning its own micro-trend subcategory. Get the gist? Good.

I’m about to share four of these micro-trends that are emerging on the scene this month. Each piece may be all in the details but will have a big impact in just a few months time. Once you commit these to memory, consider yourself a bonafide insider. Keep reading to discover and shop all the micro-trends of the moment.