4 Maximalist Makeup Looks and How to Dress Them

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I did set a few goals or challenges for myself in 2019, which I seriously hope will come to fruition. One of which has to do with my makeup aesthetic. I can’t help it. I like what I like, and I really like a full-coverage foundation, a bright pop of blush, a dash of liquid eyeliner, and layers of both mascara and highlighter. Which is probably why this particular makeup vibe has been my signature since, oh, college. Of course, I’m constantly changing my roster of products to achieve said look, but the results, more or less, are pretty much the same.

I suppose some would consider my makeup approach “maximalist” in that I love full-coverage everything, and I purposely command a heavy hand whenever I’m going to town on my lashes and cheekbones. (I actually wrote all about my go-big-or-go-home routine, here.) But I’m far from maximalist in my reach of color and texture. I rarely apply eye shadow, and if I do, it’s some variation of nude or gold. I rarely play with texture—be it on my lips or lids. (Typically, I steer clear of anything too matte, or conversely, too shiny.)

Once upon a time, I did play a lot with my lip color, but lately, I’ve been doing a consistent hard lean into my collection of rosy pink lipsticks and balms. So, I’m vowing to be more experimental this year, and obviously, there’s no better place to seek endless inspiration than Instagram.

Being a beauty editor and all, I have a special knack for identifying exact or nearly identical product matches, so re-creating a look in my head mid-scroll is a snap. But as far as completing a maximalist makeup look with an equally chic outfit choice? Well, that’s where I fall short. To help me out, I sought advice from two fashion experts (aka Who What Wear Editorial Director, Kat Collings, and Managing Editor, Michelle Scanga) to dress four maximalist makeup looks of my choosing.

Here’s the game: I’d take charge of choosing the must-have beauty essentials, and they’d take care of the tops, bras, booties, and everything in between. Curious to see what the three of us came up with? Keep scrolling for four screenshot-worthy maximalist makeup looks and what to wear with each.