4 Items Royals Always Wear in Paris

Royal fashion choices are often subjected to intense scrutiny—or, in our case, constant adoration—so you can be sure they choose their outfits with painstaking attention to detail no matter where they are. That said, it’s clear that princesses, duchesses, and queens step their game up even more while in one city in particular: Paris, of course.

As the bonafide fashion capital of the world, Paris calls for extra-special outfits, and royals definitely know how to deliver. I did some photo research and some sartorial themes became immediately apparent: Royals often choose leather jackets, Chanel bags, black trousers, and beaded gowns for their trips to Paris. Need proof? Scroll down to see how Kate Middleton, Princess Charlene, Princess Deena, Queen Rania, Queen Letizia, and others dress in Paris, and shop the items they swear by—no flight required.