4 Easy Tricks for Styling Modest Outfits

When I first started wearing a hijab, I was almost permanently attached to my black scarf, choosing to wear it over every outfit. There weren’t many fashionable options that suited my taste on the market yet, so I often felt restricted with my creative level when it came to styling, and resorted to black as it was easy. I loved wearing my hijab, but never felt comfortable in a scarf—it was always too thick, too slippery, or it was ruined after one wash.

That all changed when I found Vela Scarves, a hijab brand based in California founded by Marwa Atik and her sister, Tasneem Atik. Vela designs and makes all scarves in-house, and they first caught my eye with their unique designs that featured prints and additional touches like zippers or ruffles. Marwa eventually moved towards the array of colors you see today, and within the past few years, I  started spotting a plethora of girls wearing Vela and found girls on social media beginning to experiment more with colors and layering in their looks. And 99% of the time, they were wearing Vela. 

It’s not only the brand’s use of color that draws attention from so many modest dressers.  Marwa often shares style tips on the brand’s social media account, motivating girls to push the boundaries with how they layer and style themselves. Since we at Who What Wear love to report on the most innovative ways to dress, we decided to tap the mind behind the hijab brand and inquire not only about her tips for modest dressing but also the behind-the-scenes of her design process and campaign styling. Keep reading to hear what the Los Angeles–based designer has to say.