4 Denim Styles for Women That Aren’t Skinny Jeans

There’s a lot of hype around skinny jeans, and frankly, I have never understood it. That might be because the style is not the most flattering on my body shape, but it’s also largely due to the fact that I think they are boring. If I’m going to wear denim, I want it to be interesting, which is why there are four other denim styles I always reach for before resorting to my slim selection of skinnies.

If you love skinny jeans, own it. I’m sure they look incredible on you, but skinny jeans are not the denim trend that makes me feel like my most confident self, which is why I’m going to skip them—I hope you understand. Below, shop the four denim styles for women I’m pretty sure I’ll feel great in for the rest of my life.