4 Comfortable Fall Denim Trends to Wear in 2020

Call me crazy but I actually miss wearing jeans. Obviously it’s been ridiculously hot as of late, but I also am just tired of feeling like I’m constantly enveloped in jersey knit. I long for something crisper and a little more dressed up, yet still familiar. That’s why I’ve decided not to abandon denim again as I did back in March when lockdowns began. But for fall 2020, I’m definitely buying fewer rigid, straight-leg styles and more loose, relaxed, stretchy styles.

Given the aforementioned limitations I’m placing on my denim shopping this fall, I’ve narrowed the options way down, to four specific styles, all of which are considerably more comfortable than many jeans on the market. And after narrowing them down, I noticed something fun: Each style corresponds with the major denim trend that a past decade is known for. 

So with that, scroll to shop fall’s four most comfortable denim trends, that originally date back to the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s.