4 Celebrities With the Best Fall Outfit Ideas

It appears as if celebrities have unanimously agreed to bring the fashion this fall. That’s right, we’ve been hit every week with a smattering of fresh and forward autumn fits from some of the coolest A-listers. In fact, when you boil it down, there’s actually a select group of women we’re calling the fall-fashion overachievers.

Yep, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Hailey Bieber just so happen to be four of the key It ladies we’re consistently turning to for style inspiration this season. TBH, you’re probably already well aware on the why factor here after spotting some of their famous elevated fall ensembles like Holmes’s cardigan and bra set and Rihanna’s recent no-pants look.

Well, to dig a little deeper into the matter, we rounded up the three most A+ autumn outfits from each of these sartorial experts below—a range of casual and more dressed-up vibes. Basically, if you’re looking to up your fall wardrobe game, the looks below are a great place to start. Keep scrolling for more, and shop the key piece featured in each fit as well.