35 Shoulder-Length Hairstyles and Cuts for Medium Hair

If, like me, you took the plunge and got a dramatic haircut recently, you’re probably in a bit of a bind right now. As fun as it is to change up your look, the grow-out process can be a bit challenging. It’s going to be a minute before you’ll be able to get back into the salon to maintain those shorter lengths, so if you were inspired to really go for gold with a short haircut (get it!), chances are your hair is going to reach shoulder length before you’re able to pay a visit to your favorite stylist again. Gulp.

Medium-length hair has gotten some bad PR over the years as an awkward, cumbersome length. For some reason, long hair and short hair are deemed acceptable, while mid-length hair is written off as unwieldy when it’s actually so versatile and endlessly cool. My theory is that this narrative took hold pre-internet, when finding hair inspiration was a lot harder than surfing Instagram to find mood board inspiration.  

Sourcing hair inspo these days is as easy as going down an internet k-hole (or two or three), and lucky for you, that’s one of my favorite pastimes! Whether your hair is thick, thin, coily, or straight, I’ve gathered the perfect collection of styles to get you excited about your mid-length tresses. Ahead, check out 35 shoulder-length hairstyles to inspire you to experiment with your length.