35 Brand-New Wedding Dresses Meghan Markle Could Wear At The Royal Wedding

“There is talk of some lace and sleeves and Meghan has been working very closely with the designer who has been sworn to secrecy,” one source told Vanity Fair. 

“Meghan will likely wear a timeless dress — a simple silhouette with stunning embroidery and incredible detail,” Harrison told HuffPost. “And I believe she will find a unique way to showcase her own personal style while still adhering to royal traditions and protocol.”

For the more intimate evening reception, Markle will likely change into a different dress ― something the Vanity Fair source said would be “glamorous” and “less restrictive” so she can “party the night away.”

Later in the evening, the new Duchess of Cambridge changed into a less-formal Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen go

Top designers debuted their latest collections earlier this month during Bridal Fashion Week in New York City. We pored over the new looks and found some styles we could see Meghan Markle wearing when she walks down the aisle. She likely won’t be donning one of these gowns, as her dresses will reportedly be custom-made. But perhaps her choice will resemble one of these sophisticated new styles.