32 Items on My Fall Shopping Wish List

For as long as I can remember, I’ve used Pinterest to keep track of all of my shopping finds across the internet. I refer back to my boards when I’m working on sourcing products for stories, shopping for a new season or a trip, gift ideas—you name it. I don’t keep every one of my boards up to date, but among the ones that I do (such as shoes, Zara, beauty products, home decor, and even face masks), my Wish List board is my most-used by far. I add to this board on an almost daily basis. It has over 3.6k products and counting and if you really scroll deep into it, it serves as its own time capsule (I seemingly was very into the color lavender, sparkly socks, and heart-shaped earring a few years ago…). 

While I might not be making quite as many fall fashion purchases this year, as per usual, I’m keeping close tabs on everything I will, or would at least like to, spend my clothing budget on this season. At the top of my Pinterest Wish List board are some of my favorite coats, bags, jeans, sweaters, and more fall-friendly goods. Keep scrolling to shop some of my top picks right now.