31 Cute H&M Things to Wear With Either Jeans or Sweatpants

A common thought I’m having on a daily basis lately: Which jeans or sweatpants should I wear today and what should I wear with them?. And truth be told, it’s kind of boring. I’ve worn the same gray sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers around the house more times than I care to admit, and if the same can be said for you, you’ve come to the right place.

While scrolling through many, many pages of H&M gear on recent occasions, I felt inspired to shop for some new things to wear with said jeans and sweatpants. Between all the tops, sweaters, outerwear, and shoes there are to choose from, I came across plenty that are versatile enough to be worn with both jeans and sweatpants for a variety of occasions, and that may even get you excited to put them on (yet again) in the morning.

Keep scrolling for my curated list of H&M items to wear with both jeans and sweatpants, all of which are nice and affordable (thanks H&M).