30 Zara Items I’m Eyeing for My Upcoming Vacation

I am finally going on a beachy vacation in just a couple of weeks. I know—I can hardly believe it myself. As someone who loves summer, loves the beach, and loves clothes, I am panic-shopping for this trip, which is never good. Instead of doing the toxic thing I usually do (buying way too much without thinking), I decided to curate all the Zara vacation items I’m eyeing now for you here so that you could help me narrow down what I should actually end up buying. 

Yes, my cart is currently stuffed with 30 items that I believe in my heart of hearts would be perfect for my upcoming trip, but I know I can’t have it all, so scroll with me and help me make some cuts. So it is without further ado that I show you exactly what I’m eyeing from the retailer. Whether you’re going on a vacation soon or not, these pieces will do wonders among any summertime wardrobe. I promise.