30 Practical Amazon Fashion, Home, and Beauty Buys

If you scrolled through my vast Amazon order history, you’d find tons of items that aren’t particularly exciting, but that’s just fine with me. Just think of all the stores you don’t have to trek to for “boring” stuff because of Amazon—from hardware stores to drugstores to department stores. I’ve been an Amazon Prime member since 2011 and I couldn’t tell you how many times over the past decade I’ve ordered something that I didn’t even know I needed until I couldn’t live without it.

I suppose the word “practical” means different things to different people, but for me, it’s those things that make life even just a little bit easier. Sometimes the smallest, cheapest things make more of an impact than those that are less boring and more expensive, and Amazon has plenty of items that can be characterized as the former, and I found a handful of the best ones for you.

Keep scrolling to shop 30 fashion, beauty, and home items I highly recommend for a low-key life upgrade.