30 New Affordable Finds That Are Zara-Level Good

Why write a story that references Zara but doesn’t actually include it, you ask? Because if you’re anything like me, you get stuck in shopping ruts, heading to the same retailers over and over again without ever branching out. For me, that store is Zara, and whenever I am on the hunt for new yet affordable pieces, that’s pretty much the only place I go. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it does limit me, and I can attest to never regretting sleuthing on other affordable retailers for the latest and greatest hidden gems. 

Zara lovers, if you’re still with me but also still a little skeptical, don’t abandon me just yet. Ahead, I have shopped out a hearty assortment of fun summer finds from places like H&M, Shopbop, and & Other Stories (just to name a few) that are just as good as Zara. From breezy dresses to wear-with-everything sandals, get ready for a fun and cheap summer shopping guide to the newest pieces I am currently loving.