30 Items That Empower Women With Every Purchase

Who run the world? Girls. That’s right, Beyoncé, and it’s high time we stepped up to the plate in support of women everywhere. If you’re looking for ways to give back, one of the easiest solutions is to shop with intention and choose brands that stand for what you believe in. In the fashion industry, it’s historically been rare for women to hold leadership roles at brands, but more often than not, we’re the ones designing, producing, and shopping for the clothes, shoes, and accessories. In a world where we are still working towards finding an equal space and a “seat at the table”, where you spend your money does matter.

Whether or not we realize it, every time we make a purchase, we make a small but significant vote in support of the brands we’re shopping, which is why we’ve curated a shopping guide featuring 10 fashion brands founded by women and designed with women in mind every step of the way. They arm their artisans and factory workers with crucial life skills, employ them with financially stable jobs, and care deeply about their personal and professional growth. Oh, and they make ridiculously stylish clothes, bags, and shoes. Ahead, learn more about each brand’s commitment to female empowerment and start shopping to vote with your wallet now.