30 Affordable Home Items My Boyfriend and I Are Buying

You may be thinking, aren’t you the girl quarantining with your boyfriend? Well, we decided to make things official. When the lockdown for the pandemic started, my boyfriend and I had just gotten back from a vacation in Kauai. (Yes, we know how lucky our timing was. Yes, we know to never take a vacation for granted.) I decided to hunker down with him to reduce back and forth from our homes out of the safety for ourselves and my two roommates. So eight days together turned into a month, which turned into another month, and now we’re in a third month, and things feel good. If we can spend every day together for, what, 90 days—in pretty grave circumstances, mind you—and still feel the love, then we figured this step only makes sense.

So now it’s time to make this apartment a home. Normally, we’re the type of people who’d love to scour vintage shops, flea markets, and garage sales for our homewares, but since that’s not really an option right now, we’re turning to our favorite retailers to brighten up our home. Sometimes we may not immediately agree on what to buy and in what shade, but we always align on one thing: affordability. So here are 30 super-cute, under-$100 items we’re buying to decorate our home. I know you’ll want to snag them, too.