3 Unique Color Combinations That Work So Well Together

Everyone has their sartorial strengths and weaknesses. Some people are great at finding expensive-looking pieces for cheap, some people are great at styling basics in a way that feels interesting, and some people really know what they’re doing when it comes to wearing color. Even if you’re open to wearing bold hues, creating unique color combinations is something that does not come naturally to everyone. It can feel overwhelming and intimidating to walk out the door in a color combo that is a bit weird, for lack of a better word, but the risk is one that always pays off. 

Since I, for one, do not possess the strength of knowing how to pair colors together that don’t naturally match, I reached out to the one person I deem as being an expert on the matter. Meet Nnenna Echem. Nnenna is a fashion girl from Oslo, Norway who is constantly reinventing the wheel when it comes to color combinations, which is why I reached out to her to learn more about the weird color combos she has been gravitating toward lately. 

“When it comes to color combinations, I do think all colors work together if you just style them the right way,” says Nnenna. “I often put together color combinations based on inspiration, pictures, travels, etc. The green-and-blue combination reminds me of the French Riviera, so that’s a combination I love to wear, especially in the summertime. Blue and purple—as well as mint and purple—are colors I recently found out work well together. Purple works well with blue-toned colors such as teal and navy.” 

Ahead, see the three unique color combinations Nnenna has been loving as of late and shop pieces in each hue.