3 Service Women are the New Faces of Good American

Every fall like clockwork, military-inspired clothes flood stores. It’s a trend that’s so synonymous with fall style that it’s achieved a #PSL level of ubiquity. This year, though, Good American isn’t just designing a camo T-shirt and calling it a day—the body-positive denim brand is giving a whole new meaning to the term “military-inspired”.

For the launch of their Camo Collection, “Good American cast three service women in our campaign, Frantzcesca Casimir, an E6 Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army, Janine Flerisse, a Senior Airman in the U.S. Air Force, and Anna Standrowicz, a Yeoman in the U.S. Navy.” These truly badass service women are out there protecting our country every day in their standard issue wares, so it’s only fitting that Good American chose them to show off all the army green, cargo trousers, and camo print pieces in their collection. Because no one know what it means to wear these items more than they do.

Good American is no stranger to shaking up industry standards, either. They’re one of very few denim brands to carry sizes 0 through 24, and if you shopped on their site, you’d have the option of three different body shapes to see how each style looks on-model. Now, they’re once again establishing a new set of rules, and the rest of the industry better listen up: if you want to sell clothing that takes inspiration directly from its source, you need to acknowledge where it’s coming from.

Ahead, see the campaign images featuring these amazing service women.