3 Popular Designer Handbags NYC Women Are Investing In

We consistently turn to NYC women for style inspiration. What can we say? This trendsetting set just gets it with their cool, effortless vibes. When we spot one of their noteworthy outfits, we essentially clock every outfit detail, but it’s their accessories of choice—handbags, in particular—that really get us going. Sure, there’s a smattering of bag silhouettes New Yorkers carry, but there are actually a few key styles this elite group seems to covet over others. In fact, many will apparently pay premium prices just to tote around said satchels around the city.

That’s right, we caught up with Charles Gorra, CEO and founder of handbag resale brand Rebag (which has three stores in NYC), so he could fill us in on the handbags he sees New Yorkers shell out extra cash (even at the resale level) just to carry. There’s one you could probably already guess as it’s one of the most desirable bags of all time (ahem, the Hermès Birkin), but there are a few others that may surprise you.

Keep scrolling to uncover the exclusive handbags the women of New York City seem to crave. Plus, shop the picks, along with other must-have designer silhouettes.