3 New Workout I’m Trying 2019 – And What I’m Wearing to Each

As cliche as it sounds my number one New Year’s resolution is establish a more concrete work out routine. Before you roll your eyes, it’s not as simple as simply trying to “get fit”; instead, I’m vowing to branch out in my fitness routine and try three new workouts that have always intimidated me. The workouts? Running, yoga and boxing. In order to work up the courage to lace up my sneakers and start a new routine, I’m first focusing on a matter that’s a bit more in my wheel house: what to wear to complement my new routines. Call it productive procrastination but studies show that when you have a stylish, new outfit to wear to your workouts, you’re more likely to be excited, motivated and stick to your new routine. Whether it’s a supportive sport bra for running, comfortable and flexible leggings for yoga or an edgy ensemble for boxing, half the fun of these workouts is going to be planning the outfits. Scroll to shop the pieces I’m purchasing for each workout, including the latest JoyLab by Target looks I can’t wait to try on.