3 Fall Color Trends You Can Buy at Zara

At the change of each season, we love to talk about all the new and exciting color trends that caught fire on the runways. In case you’re a bit behind on your reading, pistachio, orange and pink, and fuchsia are all up there as far as popularity goes, but there are a few other shades trending just as hard that aren’t getting the same recognition—black, browns, and shades of white. While each of those colors and general color families is each considered a classic, making them a bit more “boring” than the rest, they are being treated with the utmost priority among designer collections and Zara products alike. 

The hype of these basic and boring colors might seem a bit unconventional thanks to their less-than-lackluster stereotypes, but one look at the selection of extremely trendy Zara products ahead will change that. From chic accessories to unique textures, Zara has proven that when styled correctly, even items in the most boring hues can become some of the most valued pieces in your wardrobe. And if you don’t believe us, head to the runway for proof that it’s not just Zara hopping on these color trends; it’s the rest of the industry as well.