3 Designers on Breaking the Fashion Industry’s Glass Ceiling

How do you think we can address the lack of female leaders in the industry? 

Companies need to provide access to opportunities to help support and propel women who are in the pipeline forward. We will work with pledge participants to provide women with access to the resources, training, and mentorship needed to drive them toward leadership opportunities and help ensure they can succeed there. 

What’s the single piece of advice you’d give to any woman in the fashion industry or beyond struggling to grow within her career? 

Find a mentor, build your network, and no matter your role, remember that your voice matters and should be heard.  For individuals interested in encouraging employers to take action to support all women leaders, visit tresemme.com/pledge for more information and to access a letter template that can be filled out and issued to employers. 

When it comes to the conversation around women in leadership roles, there often can be a lack of comprehension and acknowledgment around the intersectional barriers that prohibit women of color from assuming roles in the fashion industry as well. How do you think we can combat this issue and make it so everyone has the opportunity to lead based on merit rather than nepotism or bias? 

Our goal as a brand is to inspire change and create opportunities for all women. Sometimes efforts for women are progressive but not always inclusive, so with our pledge, we are committing to making a change for all women who strive for leadership positions. The #WomenLeadTheWay pledge is about creating opportunities for all women at the leadership level and giving women a platform to be seen and heard. However, this is just the beginning of a long-term commitment for the brand, and we will remain committed to providing women with opportunities to overcome bias such as investment, resources, and networking they need to succeed as leaders.