29 Jade Jewelry Pieces to Fill Your Jewelry Box

If I search through my memories of my grandmother, my Yin Yin, I always see her wearing jade jewelry. It might be in the form of a jade bangle or pendant—maybe a brooch. Jade was a part of her. And then, after years of me receiving pieces from her collection, the vibrant green stone became a part of me. Little did I know how much cultural significance each piece holds beyond its sentiment (which, of course, is priceless).

It’s no secret that I, as a fashion lover, am among the jewelry obsessed. Sure, there are gorgeous and undoubtedly jaw-dropping fine jewelry baubles with gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, opals, and more to dream about and admire. However, there’s something about jade, which has deep roots in Chinese culture, that I find so intriguing, especially when it’s carved into so many intricate shapes and forms. In an effort to dive deeper into my own lineage, I decided to find out why.