29 Face Masks That Make Great Holiday Gifts

It’s officially December, folks, and that means it’s really time to dive into gift shopping head first. If you’re at a loss for gift ideas this year, that’s understandable. I too am finding it difficult to come up with inspiration during this strange holiday season. So, I recently made this gift guide filled with ideas for the new era we’re living in. While choosing items for it, I found that I kept gravitating toward cute face masks—although I restrained myself and just included a select few. But this led me to realize that a cute face mask gift guide was in order.

As you know, face masks have come a long way since the initial scramble to make them in early spring. Now, tons of brands have gotten into the face mask business and there are plenty of lovely options as a result. And being somewhat of a face mask expert (I’ve written more stories about them than I care to count at this point), I’m here to tell you which ones make the best gifts. These 29 very special masks will protect your loved ones and others, and might be cuter than every other face mask they own—they’re that good. Keep scrolling to shop the most giftable face masks of them all.