28 Cute Summer Flats That Are Comfortable and Chic

I think I can speak for most people when I say putting on a pair of heels instantly elevates my confidence and general excitement for any occasion ahead. But wearing heels isn’t a casual endeavor. They take more energy to walk in, and they give you a commanding presence, which is totally fine—great, even—during normal life, but we’re not living a normal life right now, are we?

Seeing as the need to shelter in place is only getting stronger, especially where I live in California, I have nowhere to go other than errand runs, socially distant walks and picnics, and the occasional appointment. It simply does not make sense to wear heels on any of those outings, so I’m retiring the ones I own and only shopping shoes with a flat sole. And honestly? I’m not bummed about it because there are so many cute flats on the market right now. It’s summer, so there are endless sandal options and don’t even get me started on the mules—my favorite shoe style. I also shopped out some classic sneakers, because some of the cutest outfits out there are dresses with sneakers. I closed everything out with some classic ballerinas, loafers, and all the flats in-between for when you need a bit more structure.