26 Pieces of Unique Jewelry I’d Buy Regardless of Trends

Opinion: jewelry is one of the most personal items you can wear. So while I’m definitely one to follow jewelry trends when I feel like it, the most meaningful pieces I own, and the most satisfying to wear, are the ones I can’t find just anywhere. Maybe they have a quirky touch or incorporate a rare stone or maybe they’re monogrammed with initials or custom designed. Whatever the case may be, they’re unique and feel true to my personal style.

Nothing against jewelry trends because like I said, I do wear a good amount of trendy pieces. But today’s roundup is all about those one-of-a-kind pieces that stand apart from the rest. From sculptural-shaped rings to colorful charm necklaces and mixed metal chains, you’re about to discover 26 examples of what I mean when I say unique jewelry. Add any of these to your collection and I can almost guarantee you’ll receive lots of compliments and “where did you get that?” questions.