26 Cozy Fashion Items to Wear Around the House

Before 2020, I never really considered myself a homebody. I loved to go out on the regular and rarely spent time at home, especially on the weekends. (Remember texting in the group chat to make plans? Yeah, me too.) Now, I’ve realized how much I love having some much-needed alone time and taking part in activities that are solely for me, myself, and I. Whether it’s going on a walk in the morning or using my Headspace app for a quick meditation, I truly love being home. But let me get to the point of this story, which is comfortable dressing. Nowadays it takes quite a bit of motivation to get me to not only leave my room but also change out of the safe haven that that is my pajamas. Staying at home almost 24/7 means I’m dressing in loungewear even after I leave my bed, and let’s just say my old t-shirts and sweats from middle school aren’t really cutting it anymore. Now, I’m learning more towards pieces that are not only comfortable and functional but are also elevated enough to make me feel good. 

If you’re finding yourself in the same situation right now, then you’ve come to the right place. From matching sets to furry slippers, I’ve rounded up 26 cozy items that I have on my wishlist right now. Scroll to shop.