25 Stylish Items That Are Getting Me Excited for Spring

I have written many shopping stories in my life (and spent way too much money on items in said stories). Yes, I think it’s fun to shop, but I’m only human and get bored of what I buy and own. Like right now. I’m bored with a capital B. I’m not just talking about my clothes, either. I’m talking about everything. Maybe it’s because the hours are bleeding together, and I hardly know what day it is anymore, and even though I have the time to curate fun outfits and makeup looks based on what I have hanging in my closet or displayed on my vanity, I just, you know, don’t really want to. Every time I make my way to my closet, my mind just goes blank. Nothing is giving me butterflies—not even my feather-trim pants!

Let me tell you: Nothing is worse than feeling like you’ve exhausted your enthusiasm for something as simple as getting ready. So I did what any other editor would do: (Online) window shopped for hours until I felt something. All it took was half a Saturday and these 25 stylish items to actually get me excited again. From makeup and skincare to tops and accessories, keep scrolling for these feel-good items that are definitely worth your attention.