25 Spring Zara Items That Are About to Be All Over New York

Currently, from where I’m sitting, it’s pouring rain and a whopping 36º outside. So no, New York isn’t looking or feeling like spring anytime soon, but as someone who lives through this city’s temperamental weather torture, let me tell you I am more than ready for it, and I can assure you the rest of the city is as well. Besides the warmth that the upcoming season change will bring, it will also bring a fresh wardrobe to fashion girls all over the city as we shed our layers and prepare for the new spring trends on the horizon. 

Where do women love to shop in this city for affordable and trendy new pieces on the regular? Zara, of course. There are a few flagship Zaras throughout the city that are notorious for not only their prime locations (Soho, 5th Avenue, etc.) but also the specific items these locations get. Unlike some of the smaller stores scattered throughout the city, these larger stores stock up on the hottest trends, statement items, and the pieces that New Yorkers tend to buy the most during each season.

With that said, the new arrivals that just dropped on Zara’s site this week are going to hit the stores and be snatched up by the Zara-obsessed shoppers of New York in no time. New York style is hard to define, but what I do know is that the women of this city love to look polished and current while feeling comfortable, and for those reasons, plus many more, they head to Zara. So if I had to guess, I would say the 25 new arrivals currently available at Zara are going to fly off the shelves and into the closets of stylish New Yorkers in the blink of an eye. Snatch them up for yourselves before it’s too late.