25 Lace Bodysuits You’ll Want to Wear Every Day

Let’s talk wardrobe foundations here for a minute.  Everyone has that T-shirt bra they can wear all day, a ready-for-anything underwear collection, and some sturdy tights—but there’s one staple that doesn’t nearly get enough love (even though fashion girls never overlook it): the lace bodysuit. 

If you’ve even peeked at Instagram over the last few years, you’ll know that bodysuits are here in a major way. The leotard-like piece is a staple for a reason—they’re ultra-figure flattering, tuck into even your skinniest jeans, and make getting dressed on days when you just can’t be bothered a snap.

But while the stretchy, cotton-and-spandex version of the bodysuit gets plenty of hype, its lacy cousin is decidedly underrated. And we can see why: on first thought, it can feel tricky to pull of the sultry style in your everyday outfits. But trust: There are plenty of ways to style a lace bodysuit that we know you’ll love (under a sharp blazer, with wide-legged trousers, and poking out from a sheer button-down being just a few). 

Unconvinced? Pick up one of the following 25 bodysuits and see how it slots into your wardrobe—we guarantee you’ll love it.