25 Fall Fashion Items Worth Buying at Nordstrom

Given that I’m a fashion editor, and part of my job is essentially to shop for others while I source the market for top-notch buys, my friends often tap me for sartorial guidance in regards to what’s worth buying for the season. One of the key members in my inner circle routinely shops at Nordstrom, in particular, when she’s shopping given the mega-retailer’s wide assortment of basics, trendy items, and coveted shoes. So when she asked me for a few items she should consider for the season, I played Nordstrom personal shopper and sent her five specific fall items.

Naturally, I thought you could be interested in the pieces in question, so I’m sharing the items I added to my friend’s cart below. I also took it a step further and did a deep dive through the rest of the new arrivals, and rounded up 20 other noteworthy pieces. Keep scrolling for more—you may just uncover a few fresh items to mix into your fall wardrobe.