25 Dermstore Sale Recommendations That All Have 5 Stars

Let’s face it, there are a lot of beauty products with 5-star reviews out there. Should we give credence to Debby from Arizona’s rave review? Unclear. So, I asked people I trust greatly (read: my colleagues and yours truly) to share which highly-rated products they’ve actually tried and would gush about just as hard as random reviewer #249. I happened to do this little exercise on products from Dermstore, as their famous anniversary sale is going on right now (just enter code CELEBRATE at check out to save), and who doesn’t love to snag a surefire hit product at a discounted price? Scroll down to see the products myself and my trusted fellow beauty experts would give top marks too, from the disgusting, yet gratifying foot treatment to the hair towel that is “seriously life-changing” with the before and after photos to prove it.