25 Casual Skirts You’ll Keep in Your Closet for Years

If there’s one word that can collectively describe each of our personal styles at the moment, it’s casual. Since our social lives certainly look a lot different this year, our wardrobes have naturally followed suit. Casual, laid-back style has become the new normal, but that doesn’t mean your closets are no longer deserving of a reboot. While staying in the casual vein, I wanted to bring attention to some of the skirt trends that feel both relevant to the current trend cycle and extremely classic.

If you ask me, that duo is the best of both worlds and what I personally look for and consider when buying anything new, especially these days. The list of five casual skirt trends below should feel familiar, exciting, and practical all at once. From ’90s-esque column skirts to the timeless and elegant slip skirts, purchasing any of the styles below will have you feeling good this year and beyond. I promise.