24 Unique Wedding Bands That Will Turn Heads

Weddings have their own set of trends that come and go with each passing year. Lately, one trend in particular has been popping up everywhere we look: unconventional rings. If you’ve already had your eye locked on a nontraditional engagement ring, why should its wedding band partner be any different? Whether you’re currently planning the table settings of your reception or you’re simply daydreaming about the big day to come, finding the perfect wedding bands for you and your S.O. will be the true icing on the wedding cake.

Wedding bands have a history of being more straightforward than the engagement ring, but if you consider yourself a nontraditional bride, a ring that’s as unique as you might be just the thing. After all, your rings are an extension of your personality. Below, we’ve pulled together some of the most unexpected wedding bands to wear starting with the moment you say “I do.” Without a doubt, these are bound to turn some heads.