24 Fashion Insiders With Stunning Engagement Rings

It’s hardly surprising that fashion-industry insiders have some jaw-droppingly beautiful engagement rings, running the gamut from cool and unique to timeless and classic. As you’ll see below, an engagement ring doesn’t need to be massive to be stunning. Many of the rings you’ll see below aren’t blindingly big, but they’re ridiculously stylish, just like their owners. 

Included among the 24 engaged and married women below are editors, stylists, designers, and bloggers and influencers (well, all of them are influencers). These rings just might inspire your future engagement ring, or if you’re not in the market for one, supply plenty of eye candy. You might also notice a few trends among these fashion insider-approved rings, including vintage styles, stacks of multiple rings, colored stones, and modern art–inspired designs. Keep scrolling to see the rings for yourself. Zooming in isn’t required, but it’s recommended.