24 Editor-Recommended Beauty Products You’ll Never Replace

I have a fascination with beauty products that I can trace back to my time growing up. Before the days of YouTube or TikTok tutorials that highlight anything you’d want to know about beauty, I would dive into books by Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown, which were my first education in all things makeup. Then, when I had skin problems, I spent many hours with dermatologists and aestheticians and learned the foundations of skincare, picking up advice that I still follow today.

Now, working as an editor, I think even more about beauty products and spend hours testing them out. While there are plenty of new drops that catch my eye that I add to my routine, I still have a number of favorites that I’ll never replace. Here, I’m highlighting my editor-recommended beauty products, spanning from skincare to makeup to fragrance. These are the ones you’ll find in a prime spot on my bathroom counter.