24 Dresses You Can Wear to Work, Starting at $35

That’s a lie. I did wear a dress to work once recently, during my I Tried It Week challenge, but it was so unusual and unfamiliar to me, that it actually was what drew my attention to the fact that I never really do it otherwise. I wish I had a reason for you, but I don’t even know why I don’t wear dresses to work. Perhaps it’s because I’m so comfortable in jeans (even in the summer) that I don’t really feel the need, or maybe it’s because I don’t have the right ones. Whatever the reason, my one dress-to-work experience this year really made me feel like I should be doing it more often, hence today’s roundup. From $35 to $300 and up, I found 24 dresses that I’d totally ditch my daily denim look for. To see what made the cut and, of course, do some shopping along the way, just keep scrolling.