24 Cool Cardigans for Fall That Are Worth Your Money

Fun fact: I’m super obsessed with cardigans right now. I don’t know what brought it on, but even since before fall actually began, I’ve been researching them, stalking them on shopping sites and in street style images, buying them, and, of course, wearing them whenever the unpredictable NYC weather permits. Naturally, this has only been further perpetuated by the fact that knits (even more so than usual) are trending hard for fall and winter 2019, especially when layered—meaning the more the merrier.

Since I can’t stop thinking about cardigans, I figured there’s a chance you might be in the same boat—or at least have a slight interest in the matter—so I decided to round up my top picks (at every price point) for you today. From the above Alessandra Rich style that I will warn you costs a pretty penny to versions in the $30-to-$40 range that look as good as designer, shop all 24 of my favorites below.