23 Trendy Amazon Fashion Finds, From Dresses to Shoes

There’s a special joy that comes from seeing people’s faces transform when I tell them some part of my outfit is from Amazon—especially when they were the ones to inquire about where I purchased it. Their expression makes a journey through shock, disbelief, confusion, and then finally, curiosity. The follow-up question usually involves asking about my shopping process on Amazon since the behemoth retailer isn’t always the first place you’d think to shop for more trend-driven items. Alas, I don’t have much more of an answer other than patience and creativity.

Did you know that Amazon is actually a treasure trove of great fashion finds? There are also plenty of up-and-coming trends you can find for cheap like cow-print knee-high boots and prairie dresses. But you don’t get there just by scrolling through pages of product, hoping to strike gold.

The best Amazon fashion shopping approach is to go into it knowing what you’re searching for and then getting creative with your search terms. Love the pastel-cardigan trend and hoping to find something that doesn’t look like your grandma’s rejects? Try getting ultra-specific with your search terms like typing in “cropped fuzzy cardigan” or “button-down knit cardigan with collar.” Most importantly, don’t forget to vet the product via the reviews.

Instead of leaving you hanging, I’m giving you an inside look at the Amazon fashion items I currently have sitting in my cart—even before I’ve let my own most fashionable NYC friends in on them. Let the shock ensue.