23 Pretty Swimsuits That Will Get You Compliments

As you know, “ugly” trends have all but taken over the fashion world, but the fashion item that’s pretty much avoided the ugly treatment is swimwear. In fact, many of the swimsuits on the market are quite the opposite—as in best described as pretty. Honestly, nothing gets a quicker compliment during the summer months than a pretty swimsuit, whether it be bikini or one-piece.

But since one can’t buy every pretty swimsuit out there, we did our due diligence and selected what we think are the prettiest swimsuits on the internet. Among the chosen ones you’ll find compliment-bait details like pastels, florals, sparkles, and ruffles, as well as a few other more unexpectedly “pretty” styles. So before you start planning that next beach trip (or at least pool day), scroll on to shop 23 ridiculously pretty swimsuits to wear all summer (along with some pretty swimwear inspiration via your favorite Instagrammers).