22 Work From Home Outfit Ideas That Are So Chic

Miss seeing all of your friends? You’re not the only one. Being separated from some of my favorite people during this time of social distancing and quarantine has been difficult, as I’m sure it is for everyone. While I am beyond thankful for technologies like Facetime, Zoom, and House Party, I was itching for an alternate way to connect with the people I love most, so of course, I asked them (forced them) to send me a photo of their go-to working from home outfits, along with a quote to accompany their photo of choice. Some of my friends really went for it meaning they posed and carefully picked out an outfit they love, while others literally rolled out of bed and snapped a blurry mirror picture for me. Some actually just ignored me, but I won’t get into that. Let’s just say my list of favorite friends will be officially edited once this story is live. 

What you wear while working from home (if that’s what you have the privilege of doing during this time) only matters if you want it to, but since it’s my job to provide as much positive sartorial inspiration to our readers as possible, I thought you would all find it both entertaining (particularly their quotes) and comforting knowing that you are, in fact, not the only one who has been living in the same sweatpants and not washing your hair for a month straight.

Whether you’re in desperate need of some entertainment (seriously, read their quotes) or are in the mood to shop some practical new pieces to work from home in, this story will not disappoint. Oh, and major shout-out to my friend group who entertains my weird requests and demands. I love you and miss you.